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European startup feeling stuck when it comes to marketing and growth?

I'm here to help you through the noise and communicate the value of your product to your potential customers through everything you do.

If you're having one or more of these growth constraints...

  • Feeling confused about where to start with marketing and what you should focus on
  • Not being able to figure out who your ideal customer is, validate their needs, articulate your use cases
  • Having trouble clearly articulating what your product does and your value prop
  • No idea on how to structure your website funnels
  • Struggling to attract your audience
  • Your trialing users not willing to make the full leap into becoming customers
  • Not being able to find growth loops and acquisition channels that work
  • Spending the majority of your time on product dev and little to no time on marketing and selling
  • Having no idea on how to educate your market about your product category

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Want to get in touch for a potential workshop, interview, speaking gig, or have something else in mind?

👉 Please drop me a line at, and we'll take it from there!

💡 I ran custom marketing workshops for several companies, locally and abroad e.g. Bell Food Group in Switzerland, Canadian Embassy in Romania, Pluria, Changeneers, Innovators for Children, Elite Business Women, Black Sea ClimAccelerator, and many others.

Trusted by

“Working with Irina was a pleasure - she not only brought a razor sharp intellect, data-driven digital marketing expertise that helped multiply the business impact of our online initiatives, but a also a get it done attitude and collaborative style making her a natural energizer and key lead for any marketing team. She not only more than doubled, if not tripled most of our online metrics, she helped build many of our systems and practices from scratch.”

— Michael Ni, CGO @ Coveo, Former CMO @ Avangate

“Irina is one of the best professionals I've got the chance to work with! She has many of the skills that you look for in a partner and she is very good at them too, thus I dubbed her The Machine: highly ethical and reliable, super organized, a true team player leading by example, data driven and not just talks as there are so many experts these days, committed to continuous learning and improvement, always on top of things - a kind soul. I've learned a lot from Irina and her legacy will continue to help our company maintain its trajectory of high growth.”

— Mircea Capatina, Co-founder SmartBill

“I met Irina right when I realized I needed a marketing strategy for my start-up, but I had no idea how to create one. Irina led me through all the steps, and provided me with a structure to which I could come back anytime. Her deep understanding of the startup challenges is amazing, and probably this is the reason why her advice always hit the core of the issue. With Irina, we managed to triple the sales in the first 6 months, got on the first page of Google for several industry keywords, fully revamped our website, and increased the conversion rate.”

— Viorica Hochrein, Owner Mukibooks

“Figuring out marketing - Cu Irina am inteles cum sa abordez marketingul in companie si s-a clarificat pentru mine faptul ca in spatele fiecarei decizii/actiuni intreprinse in departamentul de marketing sta o serie intreaga de informatii ce au nevoie sa fie corelate pentru un rezultat eficient. Irina m-a ajutat sa inteleg ce canale de achizitie sunt potrivite pentru Spectro:o si sa inteleg mai bine diferentele dintre Enterprise si self-serve SMB in B2B software ”

— Marius Patroi, Founder Spectro:o

“Valoarea pe care mi-au adus-o sesiunile de consultanta cu Irina este inestimabila. Tot ceea ce ne-ai predat noua, cei de la Brunomag Concept, si ceea ce a ramas dupa consultanta ne va fi de folos mult timp de acum incolo. Irina ne-a ajutat in primul rand cu strategia de marketing si tot ce contine ea - de la site si landing pages, la campanii, la funnel-uri, canale si call to action. Dupa consultanta am avut o strategie de nota 10+ si cel mai important, stim ce sa cerem si cum sa cerem in cazul în care vrem sa externalizam. Sincer...pentru noi a fost perfect. Sa pastrezi ideea de caldura umana, fara judecata si care pune multe intrebari. Pe noi ne-au scos din zona de confort si a fost ok.”

— Ana Mavru, Co-founder Brunomag

“Valoarea resimtita de mine din sesiunile cu Irina este claritatea si organizarea si informatii noi puse cap la cap cu exemple IRL. Mi-a placut sa lucrez cu Irina pentru ca informatia curge logic, are sens si etapele devin foarte clare pe masura ce le parcurgi. Nu cred ca a existat o sesiune care sa nu ma surprinda, sa nu am intrebari si sa nu gasesc raspunsul la ele. De cele mai multe ori raspunsul venea chiar din prezentarea Irinei. Spot on! Alaturi de Irina am invatat cum sa "apuc" strategia de marketing, de unde sa incep si mai ales CUM. Am ajuns sa inteleg necesitatea parcurgerii tuturor etapelor intr-o ordine anume , iar acum mi-e clar de ce trebuie sa fac ceea ce mi-a aratat Irina. Am iesit din zona calda de confort. Toate taskurile m-au provocat, unele mai mult, altele foarte mult, dar din fiecare am descoperit si invatat lucruri noi. Pur si simplu faptul ca am lucrat sub indrumarea Irinei este o plus valoare: in toate sesiunile am facut cunostinta cu experienta ei bogata , cu exemple, prezentari fantastice, intrebari si mai ales feedback si sustinere. Priceless!”

— Ana Porumbaceanu, Marketing Consultant, Ropardo

“Am invatat lucruri noi din sesiunile de consultanta cu Irina - de la abordarea procesului de marketing pana la instrumente, metode si Tips-and-tricks. Mai mult, am ramas cu toate instrumentele, matricele, documentatia scrise pentru a le putea reparcurge oricand este nevoie. La fel de valoroase au fost practica sustinuta si suportul hands-on oferit pe tot parcursul sesiunilor. Am fost multumita de tot, de la forma la continut. Felicitari si multumesc!"

— Oana Ciurea, Copywriter & Marketing Specialist, Ropardo